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YvesDM ydmlog at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 22:39:32 CET 2006

On 11/9/06, Arjen de Korte <nut+users at de-korte.org> wrote:
> YvesDM wrote:
> >>     Are you absolutely sure that the UPS is connected to /dev/ttyS0?
> For
> >>     'upstype=7' the signals for 'on battery' and 'low battery' are -CTS
> and
> >>     -DCD (both zero). I wouldn't be surprized at all if this is the
> same as
> >>     nothing connected to the port you're monitoring (although I can't
> test
> >>     that right now).
> > The machine kept rebooting, even with no serial cable to the UPS
> > connected anymore, so I guess that's a yes?
> I would say that if it doesn't make a difference whether the serial
> cable is attached or not, that would be a safe bet, yes. I just checked
> with genericups monitoring a serial port without anything connected and
> as expected, it showed LB OB (low battery and on battery), which would
> force a system shutdown had upsmon been running:

So, this might have happened here :-)

> That proliant server has a serial A and a serial B RS232, I took serial A.
> If you have a serial loopback plug (or a breakout box), you could check
> if you can access that port, but looking at your past replies I fear
> that you even don't know what I'm talking about right now (no pun
> intended). I'm not familiar with proliant servers, so I can't offer much
> more help here.
> [...]

As you feared, I have no idea...

>>     Lesson #3: You really, REALLY, shouldn't experiment with a UPS on a
> live
> >>     system... :-)
> > Yes, Easy to say when the system is already operational. I didn't have
> > that much choice.
> Disconnecting a UPS from a live server and testing it at a separate
> workstation is a MUST if you're not absolutely sure the configuration is
> correct. I would never use an UPS on a production system without double
> checking that monitoring works. Otherwise your investment gives you a
> false sense of security.

Yes I know, the ups gives me some kind of secure feeling when I'm around and
awake, but there it ends of course.
That's why I started looking for a solution to make this more easy for me.
If I remove the ups in front of the server I feel even less secure then now
(as we all know murphy....)
But anyway, I will do it in a free day next week and test things out on a
spare proliant server I 'm lucky to have right now.

Bottom line is that a UPS should make a power loss to your system
> predictable, it can't prevent it always, so you MUST check if that
> works. Even when monitoring the status of the UPS works, you must still
> make sure the system shuts down cleanly and reboots when power returns.
> There is no better way to guarantee that, than to yank the mains cable
> from the UPS and see what happens (at a convenient time, that is).

Yes, I know, but I'm scared to screw my raid during unclean shutdowns.

>>     When in doubt, it is always better to follow the instructions from
> the
> >>     genericups man page under the chapter 'TESTING COMPATIBILITY' to
> prevent
> >>     inadvertent shutdowns of your system.
> > Yes, I guess you're right, but I start to get sick of it.
> You have every reason to. You expected something to work (and if your
> UPS indeed would have used the SafeNet software, it would, or else give
> you an error message that the configuration was not OK) and instead it
> is giving you all sorts of trouble. Please complain to the company that
> sold you the UPS (or better yet, to Sweex for providing incorrect
> information on their website).

I  definately will complain to sweex!  I will ask them to send me the manage
software for linux.
As they claim on their website it's supported.

> As I said before this is a live system and I can't mess with it to much.
> > I really hope someone can give me the link I 'm missing here.
> > Otherwise it's better to stop waisting my time on that ups and look for
> > another one better supported. MGE?
> If it should 'just work' and you don't find enjoyment in trying to make
> it work, do yourself a favor and indeed swap it for one that is better
> supported by the manufacturer (MGE indeed comes to mind, since they
> officially sponsor NUT).

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy searching for things and trying to make things
work the right way.
I would never use opensource if I didn't enjoy this, would I?
But this time it's just to critical and I'm to much in a rush to get this

> Suggestions from recent models working without problems are welcome.
> > I use the stable debian package, nut 2.0.1-4
> That version is already quite old, we're at 2.0.4 already, with 2.0.5
> lurking just around the corner.

Yes I know, but I tried to keep the system as much as possible with the
stable brand.
But If it wouls solve my problems I could of course grab nut from unstable
or testing.

Kind regards,
> Arjen

I wish to thank you for the time you spent writing those answers and
explaining this to me.
It's very appreciated, tnx!
Again, if anyone can recommend me an easy-setup MGE ups
with nut I'll be glad to hear.
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