[Nut-upsuser] Sweex 1000VA UPS

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Fri Nov 10 09:20:19 CET 2006

>> Disconnecting a UPS from a live server and testing it at a separate
>> workstation is a MUST if you're not absolutely sure the configuration is
>> correct. I would never use an UPS on a production system without double
>> checking that monitoring works. Otherwise your investment gives you a
>> false sense of security.


> But anyway, I will do it in a free day next week and test things out on a
> spare proliant server I 'm lucky to have right now.

While you're at it, try the UPS on a Windows machine with the bundled
software to exclude that the UPS or serial cable are the culprits. It's a
long shot, but you wouldn't be the first to find out that there is a
problem in that area. It also guarantees that the UPS is indeed compatible
to the UPSmart software.


> I definately will complain to sweex!  I will ask them to send me the
> manage software for linux. As they claim on their website it's supported.

Don't hold your breath. And chances are that they direct you to a shoddy
binary only package for RedHat 6.2 or some other ancient Linux version,
which isn't very useful anymore.

>> If it should 'just work' and you don't find enjoyment in trying to make
>> it work, do yourself a favor and indeed swap it for one that is better
>> supported by the manufacturer (MGE indeed comes to mind, since they
>> officially sponsor NUT).
> Don't get me wrong. I enjoy searching for things and trying to make things
> work the right way.
> I would never use opensource if I didn't enjoy this, would I?
> But this time it's just to critical and I'm to much in a rush to get this
> working.

That's exactly what I meant. Personally I enjoyed reverse engineering the
SafeNet protocol and writing a driver for it. And I don't feel too bad
about Sweex providing erronous information on their website and not
willing to provide the details on the device needed to write a driver.
However, as a professional I would be outraged if I had to spend hours and
hours on a €75 UPS trying to make it work because I need it so badly. In
that case, you'd better invest a few euros more and buy a device that is
really supported by the manufacturer (MGE for instance).


>> That version is already quite old, we're at 2.0.4 already, with 2.0.5
>> lurking just around the corner.
> Yes I know, but I tried to keep the system as much as possible with the
> stable brand.
> But If it wouls solve my problems I could of course grab nut from unstable
> or testing.

Don't bother. Although there were some changes in genericups, the're not
major and unlikely to be the root cause of your problems.

If you're willing to try a few more things, comment out the part in the
NUT startup script where 'upsmon' is started/stopped and fire it up. With
'upsc myups at localhost' you should be able to see the status of the UPS,
without the risk of shutting down your system when things are not
configured properly. Try at least /dev/ttyS[0-3] with the UPS in different
serial ports on your server. Remember to stop the script before modifying
and starting it again. Good luck!

Kind regards,

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