[Nut-upsuser] Sweex 1000VA UPS

YvesDM ydmlog at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 09:55:45 CET 2006

On 11/12/06, Sergiy Kazakov <rendol at mail.zp.ua> wrote:
> To prevent system shutdown on LB while testing you may set
> <powervalue> value in MONITOR line (in upsmon.conf) to "0" (zero). But
> don't forget to set MINSUPPLIES to zero too. See comments in
> "upsmon.conf" and "man upsmon.conf" for further details. Whith this
> one you can check if the other parts of nut getting read on LB. Also
> you can setup non-critical workstation as slave (even MS Windows
> workstation) and check whether upsmon sends shutdown instruction.
Interesting for my testing!
Tnx for telling me.

Kind Regards,

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