[Nut-upsuser] Recommendation for big UPS (was CyberPower PR2200)

Jeff Tucker jeff at jltnet.com
Wed Nov 15 23:04:11 CET 2006

Doug Reynolds wrote:
> That is what my CyberPower 1200 does.. I changed the drivers around to
> work somewhat, but as you see, they don't work well.  I've been working
> on coming up for the proper commands for the ups, but I haven't had time
> to swap out the UPS and hook it to my windows machine to do some serial
> debugging.  I plan to do this during my christmas break..

OK, thanks, Doug.

So, if I want a 1500-2000 VA class UPS but don't want to pay for an APC,
does anyone have a recommendation for something that works right now?
Hopefully something that's stable and tested as opposed to experimental.

What about the CyberPower AVR1500? It doesn't have to be CyberPower, but
they seem inexpensive. The docs claim it is supported. Does anyone have
one that works well?

Thanks for the help.


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