[Nut-upsuser] MGE Pulsar M 3000 communication problems [USB]

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 14:07:11 UTC 2006


2006/9/28, Ingo Schaefer <ingo at ingo-schaefer.de>:
> Hello Charles,
> Am Donnerstag, den 28.09.2006, 14:02 -0400 schrieb Charles Lepple:
> > Do you have libusb installed?
> No, I don't have.
> > (I was not aware that there was a port of libusb for versions of
> > Solaris before 10, but I haven't been following this closely.)
> I haven't found one, too. But I have not searched excessively because of
> the serial ports which can be used.

you wont find it since it's only avail. for sol 9 and 10, as part of
opensolaris or SunFreeware, depending on the exact solaris you've
installed (boxed or open)

> I even don't know if the USB Ports on this Sun server can be used as
> "normal" ports or can only be used for keyboard and mouse.

no, the ports can be used for anything. The only showstopper is the
kernel support (for ugen), and the software (need libusb + nut)

So it's better to stick to serial, while waiting for sol 9 or 10
upgrade. A last solution, but not really reliable and that need some
twicks, is there:

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