[Nut-upsuser] Problems with newhidups and Smart-UPS 750

Jan Zuchhold Jan at zuchhold.com
Mon Oct 16 13:50:58 UTC 2006


I encountered a problem with my APC Smart-UPS 750, connected via USB, using newhidups.
Without any reason, nut/upsmon shut down my PC:

Oct 13 12:57:08 echo kernel: usb 2-9.1.1: usbfs: USBDEVFS_CONTROL failed cmd newhidups rqt 161 rq 1 len 8 ret -71
Oct 13 12:57:12 echo upsmon[5060]: UPS smart750 at localhost on battery
Oct 13 12:57:12 echo upsmon[5060]: UPS smart750 at localhost battery is low
Oct 13 12:57:12 echo upsmon[5060]: UPS smart750 at localhost battery needs to be replaced
Oct 13 12:57:12 echo upsd[5056]: Client monmaster at set FSD on UPS [smart750]
Oct 13 12:57:12 echo upsmon[5060]: Executing automatic power-fail shutdown
Oct 13 12:57:12 echo upsmon[5060]: Auto logout and shutdown proceeding
Oct 13 12:57:17 echo upsd[5056]: Host disconnected (read failure)
Oct 13 12:57:17 echo shutdown[14003]: shutting down for system halt
Oct 13 12:57:17 echo init: Switching to runlevel: 0

The UPS wasn't on battery, the battery wasn't low either, nor needing to be replaced, it's not even a year old.
(I was in the same room at that time and the UPS didn't beep a single time).

It's connected via two in-line-USB hubs, maybe that could be a reason?
hub 2-9:1.0: USB hub found
hub 2-9:1.0: 4 ports detected
usb 2-9.1: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 5
hub 2-9.1:1.0: USB hub found
hub 2-9.1:1.0: 4 ports detected
usb 2-9.1.1: new low speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 6
hiddev96: USB HID v1.10 Device [American Power Conversion Smart-UPS 750 FW:651.12.I USB FW:4.2] on usb-0000:00:02.1-9.1.1

echo:/etc/nut# cat ups.conf
driver = newhidups
port = /dev/usb/hiddev0

upsc Output:
echo:~# upsc smart750 at localhost
battery.charge: 100
battery.charge.low: 10
battery.charge.warning: 50
battery.mfr.date: 2005/11/25
battery.runtime: 900
battery.runtime.low: 120
battery.temperature: 33
battery.type: PbAc
battery.voltage: 27.3
battery.voltage.nominal: 24.0
driver.name: newhidups
driver.parameter.port: /dev/usb/hiddev0
driver.version: 2.0.4
driver.version.data: APC/CyberPower HID 0.9
driver.version.internal: 0.28
input.voltage: 228.9
output.voltage: 227.5
output.voltage.target.line: 230.0
ups.beeper.status: enabled
ups.delay.shutdown: -1
ups.firmware: 651.12.I
ups.firmware.aux: 4.2
ups.load: 53.3
ups.mfr: American Power Conversion
ups.mfr.date: 2005/11/25
ups.model: Smart-UPS 750
ups.serial: QS0548341065
ups.status: OL
ups.test.result: No test initiated

That machine's running Linux Kernel version 2.6.15, on a Gigabyte NForce4 M/B, A64 X2 3800+.

Any ideas?

I thought of connecting it with a serial cable, maybe that's more stable?

Thank you,
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