[Nut-upsuser] Compaq T2400H UPS model 242688-006

Kjell Claesson kjell.claesson at epost.tidanet.se
Wed Apr 4 08:04:12 UTC 2007

ons 2007-04-04 klockan 16:23 +1200 skrev Douglas Pearless:
> Hi,

Hi Douglas,
> I have a Comapq T2400H model 242688-003 and do not have the special
> cable to connect it to my serial port.
> I have tried all sorts of cable wirings that I found on the net,
> including ones for the powerware 5119 which appears to be the same
> model.

OK, I think you have seen this :-)

Part# 295245-003 (PowerRite Pro)
Software: FailSafe-III

UPS      DB-9M                       DB-9F  RS-232

Receive  1 <---------------------------< 3  TxD
Transmit 2 <---------------------------< 2  RxD
Common   4 <---------------------------< 5  SG
PnP_En   6 <---------------------------< 7  RTS
                                  +----< 4  DTR
                                  +----< 6  DSR

And this should be the cable. And it is for smart mode, so you
can not use it with the generic driver.

> I have read the documentation that comes with NUT, tried to read the
> source code and looked at the genericups code too.  I have hit a bit
> of a wall, does anyone have the pinout for a working cable for this
> unit that works in the dumb or smart mode, and the ups.conf they
> used??

This type of ups is talking upscodeII, so you need to test the upscode2 
driver. If it acts like a T1500h you may need to add 'use_pre lf' into 
the 'ups.conf'.

ups.conf should look something like this.

        driver = upscode2
        port = /dev/ttyS0
        desc = "Compaq T2400h"
        manufacturer = "Compaq"
        input_timeout = 5
        use_pre_lf = yes


P.S. Send you a pdf of list.

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