[Nut-upsuser] Ubuntu 7.04 startup/shutdown script?

Mark Lanctot mark.lanctot at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 20:48:23 UTC 2007


In the NUT install instructions it requests the user construct
scripts, but I notice a very nice script written by Arnaud Quette was
created and exists in /etc/init.d as well as symlinks in /etc/rc0.d
and a few other rcX.d directories.

However it doesn't look like it executes on startup or (most
importantly) execute shutdown automatically on loss of line power.

Should it have worked "out of the box"?  Do I have to do anything to
get this script to work?

The commands to start the driver and daemon are very simple, I don't
believe the commands to shutdown are.  I'm a Linux newbie and I'll
have to figure out how to get the scripts to work at the Ubuntu


Mark Lanctot

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