[Nut-upsuser] Problem with APC SMART SC 1500

Edjé edosseh at ub.tg
Mon Dec 24 11:00:53 UTC 2007

Hello, thanks for reply,
But my problem is partially fixed with an update i did to nut-2.2.0-1.1 .
Now, first  i want to know where or how can i  execute the ups shutdown 
script ; Secondary, i want to know there is a problem with winnut: Windows 
Nut client program of 2.0.0 version. Because we do the test for putting ups 
on battery, and it shut down automatically. I put here information from the 

Level    ALERT 12/21/2007 16:43:31 WinNUTUpsMon Service is starting to 
monitor UPS
Level   NOTICE 12/21/2007 16:46:20 UPS siUps1 at on battery
Level  WARNING 12/21/2007 16:46:20 Ups [siUps1 at] on batt for 
more than 2 seconds.  Shutting down system
Level CRITICAL 12/21/2007 16:46:20 Executing automatic power-fail shutdown
Level   NOTICE 12/21/2007 16:46:20 Auto logout and shutdown proceeding
Level CRITICAL 12/21/2007 16:46:21 UPSMON: UPS on battery and battary low. 
Issuing shutdown NOW.
Level CRITICAL 12/21/2007 16:46:21 Shutdown in 5 seconds.  Sys shutdown 
command returns 1: 997

Do i change version?

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On Dec 18, 2007 6:55 AM, Edjé <edosseh at ub.tg> wrote:
> It seems that my upsd.conf hav'nt the right permissions. What would they 
> be?
> Here i put the permissions i have on /etc/ups:

It is also possible that the permissions on the /etc/ups directory are
too restrictive. (This would be shown in the output of "ls -la

I can't remember if Fedora includes NUT or not - where was NUT
installed from? (e.g. source, RPM from Fedora, some other YUM
repository, etc.)

- Charles Lepple

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