[Nut-upsuser] MGE Nova AVR 600 USB on FreeBSD

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Fri Feb 16 10:11:30 CET 2007

>>> sstate_dead: didn't hear from driver for UPS [mge-nova] for 0 seconds
>> Oops! For some reason you decided to set MAXAGE to 0 seconds. Please
>> read the appropriate section from 'man 5 upsd.conf' again. Do not set
>> MAXAGE to anything *lower* than the 15 second default.
> I included my upsd.conf in my first email - MAXAGE is set to 60.

I doubt it. See lines 330 to 333 from the server/sstate.c code.

330	if (elapsed > maxage) {
331		upsdebugx(3, "sstate_dead: didn't hear from driver for UPS [%s] for
%d seconds", ups->name, elapsed);
332		return 1;	/* dead */
333	}

The server is reporting that it didn't hear from the server for 0 seconds,
which means that elapsed must be less than 1. So maxage must be smaller
than that, it can never be 60. Maybe the value is parsed incorrectly, so
could you try commenting out the MAXAGE parameter from upsd.conf and see
if that changes anything?

Best regards, Arjen

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