[Nut-upsuser] APCsmart serial port problem

Thomas Kear thomas.kear at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 22:40:10 UTC 2007

On Tue, 05 Jun 2007, Patrick Nolan wrote:
> [myups]
>          driver = apcsmart
>          port = /dev/ttyS0
>          cable = 940-0095B
>          sdtype = 0

I've got a Smart-UPS 700 (SU700I, about 5 years old) working with a more or 
less identical upsd.conf, however because person I bought it from had 
misplaced the serial cable, I have a pair of DB9-RJ45 adapters and a short 
network cable.

You might get some more helpful error messages if you try and start apcsmart 

# /lib/nut/apcsmart -D -a myups

should work for your system.  '-D' = verbose (try up to -DDD or -DDDD), '-a 
[upsname]' tells apcsmart to read upsd.conf for its config.

I get this output from my UPS:

# /lib/nut/apcsmart -D -a su700
Network UPS Tools (version 2.0.5) - APC Smart protocol driver
        Driver version 1.99.8, command table version 2.0
debug level is '1'
Attempting firmware lookup
APC - Attempting to find command set
APC - Parsing out command set
protocol_verify: 0x56 [V] unrecognized
APC - About to get capabilities string
Supported capability: 75 (I) - input.transfer.high
Supported capability: 6c (I) - input.transfer.low
Supported capability: 65 (4) - battery.charge.restart
Supported capability: 6f (I) - output.voltage.nominal
Supported capability: 73 (4) - input.sensitivity
Supported capability: 71 (4) - battery.runtime.low
Supported capability: 70 (4) - ups.delay.shutdown
Supported capability: 6b (4) - battery.alarm.threshold
Supported capability: 72 (4) - ups.delay.start
Supported capability: 45 (4) - ups.test.interval
APC - UPS capabilities determined
Detected SMART-UPS 700 [GS0017000324] on /dev/ttyS0

If you can't find anything from software, it might be worth getting a 
multimeter out and checking the serial cable's wiring.
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