[Nut-upsuser] INELT Monolith II 1000LT

Victor A. Prylipko vic at liniya.ru
Sun Jun 17 10:09:08 UTC 2007

First: when I connect UPS APS Back UPS Pro 650 to the same port - nut works.
In ups.conf:
driver = apcsmart
port = /dev/cuaa1
desc = "UPS"
cable = 940-0095B


root at gw#./megatec -DDD /dev/cuua1
Network UPS Tools - Megatec protocol driver 1.5 (2.0.5)
Carlos Rodrigues (c) 2003-2006

debug level is '3'

Unable to open /dev/cuua1: No such file or directory

Things to try:

 - Check 'port=' in ups.conf

 - Check owner/permissions of all parts of path

Fatal error: unusable configuration
Press any key to continue...

But, when I change /dev/cuaa1 to /dev/ttyd1 - it begin work !!!

Thanks to all for help.

Victor A. Prylipko

vic at liniya.ru

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> Maybe it's a permissions problem with /dev/cuua1? Try running "megatec
> -DDD /dev/cuua1" and look at the output (and maybe send it to the
> list).
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> Carlos Rodrigues 

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