[Nut-upsuser] BNT-1000AP

Jaco Kroon jaco at kroon.co.za
Tue Nov 6 16:37:36 UTC 2007

Hi guys,

We've got a BNT-1000AP (powercom) BlackKnight UPS that works with the 
KIN1500AP model in the powercom driver.  Well, almost.  It seems the 
input frequency and the battery charge is swapped around:

# upsc blackknight at localhost
battery.charge: 46.5
driver.name: powercom
driver.parameter.manufacturer: BlackKnight
driver.parameter.modelname: BNT-1000AP
driver.parameter.port: /dev/ttyS1
driver.parameter.type: KIN1500AP
driver.version: 2.0.5
driver.version.internal: $ Revision: 0.5 $
input.frequency: 95.25
input.voltage: 220.9
input.voltage.nominal: 230
output.frequency: 95.25
output.voltage: 219.0
ups.load: 23.8
ups.mfr: BlackKnight
ups.model: BNT-1000AP
ups.model.type: KIN1500AP
ups.serial: Unknown
ups.status: OL

Is there any way to confirm that?


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