[Nut-upsuser] UPS auto restart problem upgrading from nut 2.0.1-2.2.0 with MGE Pulsar EXtreme 700C

Olly Lappage nut at essenet.co.uk
Thu Nov 8 12:57:21 UTC 2007

> Apologies if this is a known problem.  I have just joined the list and 
> haven't done an exhaustive search of the archives.  Also I am no UPS 
> expert, so please excuse me if some of my terminology is poor.
> I use an MGE Pulsar Extreme 700C connected via RS232 to the linux 
> server it powers.  I have recently upgraded to a new linux 
> distribution.  Both new and old use 2.6 kernels, although the new one 
> is about a year newer.
> When I did the upgrade I thought I may as well upgrade from nut 2.0.1 
> to 2.2.0 at the same time.
> My configuration instructs the UPS to shut down power to the load with 
> a 40 second delay once my O/S is halted, then switch power on to the 
> load when AC returns.  I found that the UPS failed to resume power 
> when I connected AC back to the UPS.   I tested this a few times 
> always with the same result.  The UPS just sits there with the LED's 
> slowly lighting in sequence then extinguishing in reverse sequence).  
> upsdrvctl outputs the same text as it did previously just before 
> shutdown.  Can't remember what exactly, but something like "UPS 
> responds auto restart request OK, UPS responds shutdown request OK".
> I compiled the 2.0.1 version of nut on the new O/S and everything 
> works fine now.  I'm quite happy to go on using the old version as I 
> have had no problems with it at all in the last 2.5(ish) years but I 
> thought this may be of interest to someone perhaps...  I am assuming 
> the problem is most likely to be with the updated MGE UPS driver.
> Cheers
> Olly.
> Info upsc reports from the unit:
> battery.charge: 100.0
> battery.charge.low: 45
> battery.runtime: 00768
> battery.voltage: 027.3
> battery.voltage.nominal: 024.0
> driver.name: mge-utalk
> driver.parameter.port: /dev/ttyS1
> driver.version: 2.0.1
> driver.version.internal: 0.81.0
> input.frequency: 50.00
> input.voltage: 240.2
> output.current: 001.3
> output.voltage: 230.5
> ups.delay.shutdown: 040
> ups.delay.start: 060
> ups.firmware: 16
> ups.id: EXtreme 700C 16
> ups.load: 052.0
> ups.mfr: MGE UPS SYSTEMS
> ups.model: EXtreme 700C
> ups.status: OL CHRG
> ups.test.interval: 10080

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