[Nut-upsuser] trouble with ups mge evolution2200 and mandriva 2007 - nut 2.01

goudard sabine sabine.goudard at st-etienne.archi.fr
Tue Oct 16 14:13:05 UTC 2007

at first I'm sorry my english isn't perfect but I tried to be clear

I work with mandriva 2007 and with nut 2.0.1 installed with urpmi
my UPS is a MGE Evolution 2200 connected with RS232

in my ups.conf
I try to use mge-utalk driver and also mge-shut
both seem to work
I don't really known which I add to use

It's the first point.

As I saw on web site, I add maxage 25 in upsd.conf and DEADTIME 25 in
to avoid 
Data for UPS [mge at localhost] is stale - check driver
poll UPS [mge at localhost] failed - data stale
UPS [mge at localhost] data is no longer stale
Communications with ups mge at localhost established

it doesn't change any thing ; when I had these event in syslog my computer
stop even if I don't put this in upsmon.conf

It's the second point.

The third point
with my conf all the commands upsc, upsmon, upsrw etc etc ... are OK
the connection with driver is OK
but when the battery is ON DISCHARG, I've an event in syslog and after a
moment my computer stop
If I put a script in NOTIFYCMD parameter, this script isn't executed

what is wrong

MONITOR mge2200 at localhost 1 ups azerty master
SHUTDOWNCMD "/sbin/shutdown -h now"
NOTIFYCMD /etc/ups/upsalert 
POWERDOWNFLAG /etc/ups/killpower
NOTIFYMSG ONBATT "L'onduleur %s est sur batterie" 
NOTIFYMSG ONLINE "L'onduleur %s est alimenté"

thanks for your help

Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de St Etienne
Service Informatique
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42000 Saint-Etienne
mailto:sabine.goudard at st-etienne.archi.fr

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