[Nut-upsuser] MGE Pulsar Ellipse 800 offearly or box shutdown late

Philippe Marzouk phil at ozigo.org
Tue Oct 23 04:42:44 UTC 2007

On Tue, Oct 23, 2007 at 02:24:38AM +0200, tovis wrote:
> I'm struggling to configuring nut for MGE Pulsar Ellipse 800 (at least
> Ellipse 800) for two boxes - home firewall and file server. I'm using
> Debian 4.0 Etch, every one of them.
> I'm built (after some dangerouse experiments) a testing configuration,
> where boxes are plugged to line, server playing as a master, firewall as a
> slave, and UPS connected to an electric heater about 300 Wats (no
> reactance).
> Batteries where recently changed - two 12V - 5A/h.
> Using mge-shut driver - it seem to be the best for this modell.
> I experienced many problems:
>   - driver not starts every time (about 2 times failed from 5 tries),
>     some where I found that the solution could be a 5 time retry in the
>     start script (/etc/init.d/nut);
>   - if I use POLLFREQ 5 (recommended default) I have been "staled" about
>     2-3 times in an hour. But on ONBATTERY situation it could could be
>     more frequent!? - I think this is the core of the problem.
>   - the UPS switchdown early, and after 5-10 seconds the boxes follow him:(
> I'm trying to set lobatt=70, offdelay=20, ondelay=60 (10 minutes),
> notification=3 - but the situation still remain, and UPS switchoff quicker
> (on about 70% charge?).
> I'm lower the charge, instead of 300 W I'm used about 120 W (three 40 W
> lamps), the system in this case work correctly. I think my problem that
> this UPS allow me shutdown as quickly as possible, no wait for "LOW
> BATTERY" situation, what is set by manufacturer.
> Is it possible to catch not only ONLINE, ONBATTERY and LOWBATTERY but when
> battery at spcified charge (ndependently what is set in UPS)?

If you set lowbatt=70 then the behaviour you are seeing is normal. Don't
set lowbatt and you'll get the default manufacturer settings which is
LOWBATTERY at 30% charge level.


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