[Nut-upsuser] MGE Pulsar Ellipse 800 off early or box shutdown late

tovis mailer.tovis at freemail.hu
Tue Oct 23 16:59:44 UTC 2007

> 1) Does the shutdown sequence take too long?
Is it about 15 - 20 seconds (from usual system message about shutdown).

> 2) How old are the batteries? Could it be they are already worn out (you
> can expect this after 3-5 years and even sooner at temperatures above 25
> degrees centigrade.
It was renewed month later - I use it about 3 years, but I do not use any
software for shutdown - it is a quite old restance:)

> 3) Is the load really 300W?
Good question! - on state "ONLINE" I have status report from cgi-nut /
apache2 that load is about 70%, on state"ONBATTERY" reports that is it
about 115 .. 120% (what I'm do not understand what is the real).

Debian 4.0 "Etch" including package nut 2.04-4 - it is includes mge-shut
and mge-utalk - "utalk" does not work for me - too many "stale" messages.
Of course I can try to "backport" "newmge-shut" - some how:)

I think the best solution for me, is to confugure the upssched, write some
scripts and start shutdown procedure at point when ups "ONBATTERY" state
is recognized. I have been checked that setting of the parameter
"ups.delay.start" is working, but some what strange what measure it (sec,
10 sec or else). Could some one give me a good, step-by-step example (the
best what I found is for RedHat and nut version 1.xx?

Thanks to all

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