[Nut-upsuser] MGE Ellipse 800 shutdown problems

tovis mailer.tovis at freemail.hu
Fri Oct 26 08:14:56 UTC 2007

>> I go back to mge-shut!
>> ...
>> Yes, I have almost forget! After reboot the charge of batteries (cgi)
>> shows only 13%!
>> Are you sure, it is a bug in tzhe driver?

> I'm not sure to understand!
> I don't recall the whole thread, but with a shutdown at 30% and a good
> load, you reach such a restart level...
I'm waiting for ups switch OFF the load, 1..2 minutes to be sure, with
"virtual" load is on (2x150W). But nothing was happen, I need to plug the
line manually (and unplug ther "load").

Mark E. Hansen wrote:
> Once the PC is "almost" shutdown, it sends a command to the UPS to
> switch off the power to the PC - this will result in the PC going
> the rest of the way off.

Really I do not know! Debian package of nut 2.0.4 version do it without
any problem - more I suspected (some times on testings) that this SWITCH
OFF (I prefer this word because shutdonw is more useful for the box)
unsolicited and early. Unfortunately the MGE protocoll not only binary but
to verbouse also. Additionally this part of the job is not logged by
syslog, because the whole filesystem is readonly:(

   Usuallly I'm using for this kind of controll strongly ASCII coding,
   at least intel hexa (simple memory dump), but when so small amount of
   information in could be more readable, not only for "beauty" but
   debugging purposes. In this case you can use a simple terminal
   application such as minicom or on windows I have some free two channel
   serial communication observing applications, which allow to see
   everything as it happens! - here is not this situation, you need to
   write something for check the communication:(

Also there is another problems, you need give some delay to fifnish the
shutdown procedure before ups OFF the load,and you need some delay, after
back the line power to have some charge in the batteries (at least to
support for one more shutdown cycle) - this also does not work with new

Summerize this "final touch" need more close check! - you right Mark.


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