[Nut-upsuser] Network UPS Tools version 2.2.2-pre2 released

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 08:55:21 UTC 2008

2008/4/21, Arjen de Korte <nut+users at de-korte.org>:
> Arnaud Quette wrote:
> > I previously splitted the Debian packages in nut, nut-usb, nut-cgi,
> > nut-snmp, nut-dev, nut-doc (empty ATM) and now nut-hal-drivers. I've
> > then re-integrated the USB part into the core package since it's usual
> > to have libusb, even on headless server (and USB tend to become to
> > standard for serial connections). I now also see a new one (nut-xml).
> > This reflexion is part of the NUT Packaging Standard, but I'd like to
> > see some uniform approach between distros and OSs integrating NUT.
> >
> > Have you talked about that split with Stanislav Brabec?
> >
> >
>  No, and that's because I doubt that openSUSE will follow this approach.
> Historically, there hasn't been too much interest in splitting packages,
> since SuSE (now openSUSE) attempts to create a working configuration out of
> the box. Therefor, it made little sense to split these packages up as they
> all needed to be installed anyway.

that's indeed what I saw. Even installing the CGI in the bare install!

>  This may have changed now that we actually have conflicting packages and
> the HAL drivers. I think it would be a good idea to install the HAL enabled
> drivers by default, so that the majority of (desktop) users won't have to
> configure anything. Only if the specifically need the network enabled ones,
> to install 'classic' NUT and remove the HAL enabled ones. I'll take this up
> with Stanislav.

yep, that's the approach I'm promoting. Though there are still some
issues (most notably, a huge regression in the latest Gnome Power
Manager that results in not acting upon the battery level...)

Moreover, there are still some lacks of support: for example, neither
KDE nor the console have an equivalent to GPM to react upon UPSs state

We will be working with Richard Hughes (and possibly some others) on a
generic power management daemon with the same kind of approach that
has been applied in NetworkManager.
And we will also use the Poweroff() method that is now available in NUT 2.2.2...

I'm also thinking in enhancing the HAL install to dump all the
standard NUT data in a DBus space, and enable upsd to retrieve
everything that way. So that we can then propose the master / slave
system on HAL enabled masters. While waiting for something more native
(DBus/HAL), possibly using Avahi for service exposition...

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