[Nut-upsuser] Network UPS Tools version 2.2.2-pre2 released

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Wed Apr 23 16:58:27 UTC 2008

Hi Arjen,

On Wed, 23 Apr 2008 18:37:51 +0200 (CEST), Arjen de Korte wrote:
> This might be a problem for the 'nut', 'nut-server' and 'nut-cgi'
> packages. Since openSUSE only uses the first, if people upgrade to 'our'
> packages and only install 'nut', the lack of 'nut-server' and 'nut-cgi'
> might lead to surprises. In this case, this will mean there is no more
> server to connect to after the upgrade. The configuration files will most
> likely be saved with an .rpmsave extension though. The only way to prevent
> all this, is to not split up client, server and CGI packages. We could
> still keep the SNMP and XML versions separate without problem.

You might be able to solve this problem with rpm tags such as:

Provides:    nut:<one key file which "moved" from nut to nut-server>

I guess this only works if the rpms are served by some higher level
repository management tool though, there's probably nothing rpm itself
can do with this tag.

Jean Delvare

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