[Nut-upsuser] NUT 2.0.4-4 - Debian stable - /etc/killpower not created?

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Wed Apr 30 09:42:05 UTC 2008

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> If I shutdown with "upsmon -c fsd" the databases are shut down
> correctly.

That is bad. It means that the system shutdown sequence takes longer than
the remaining runtime on batteries after reporting 'battery low'. In other
words, the UPS is powering off because of depleted batteries, rather than
by receiving a power-off signal. The filesystems may not be ready for loss
of power (ie, have not been sync'ed and/or remounter R/O).

Depending on the UPS you're using, you should either increase the battery
level when a low battery warning is indicated or use 'upssched' to
shutdown after a fixed time after loss of mains power.

Best regards, Arjen

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