[Nut-upsuser] Mustek PowerMust 848

Arjen de Korte nut+devel at de-korte.org
Sun Dec 7 08:31:23 UTC 2008

Citeren Carlos Rodrigues <cefrodrigues at gmail.com>:


>> Starting UPS detection process...
>> Asking for UPS information [I]...
>> I => FAILED [short read]
>> I detail: (1 bytes) => 49

This is not uncommon, many UPSes speaking Megatec protocol don't  
implement this, so I'm not too worried about this reply.

>> Asking for UPS status [Q1]...
>> 00]_data_phoenix: got so far [Q1
>> get_data_phoenix: (8 bytes) => 51 31 0d 2e 30 0d 30 30
>> Q1 => FAILED [short read]
>> Q1 detail: (2 bytes) => 51 31

But this is odd. It echos the Q1 query straight back at us. So the  
communication seems to be fine, but the UPS doesn't support this  
command. So either

1) The UPS is implementing a *very* old version of the Megatec  
protocol and uses the 'D' command to query for status information  
(this was obsolete back in 1996 already). Please try if changing line  
426 from

	ser_send_pace(upsfd, SEND_PACE, "Q1%c", ENDCHAR);
	ser_send_pace(upsfd, SEND_PACE, "D%c", ENDCHAR);

will get us an answer from the UPS. Most likely, we won't be able to  
parse the reply, but for the moment we just want it to talk to us.  
Make sure you run it in -DDDDD debug mode.

2) It doesn't use the Megatec protocol. In that case, you'll have to  
use 'usbsnoop' (search Google) while running it with the (bundled?)  
Windows software to see if we can figure out if this is a familiar  
protocol or that we need something completely new.

In any case, we'll take this to the development mailinglist. Please  
answer there.

Best regards, Arjen
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