[Nut-upsuser] MGE Evolution and programmable outlets configuration

Arnaud Quette aquette.dev at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 23:42:57 UTC 2008

[a quick walk through the ml, still from the UDS/Googleplex...]

Hi Marco,

2008/12/7 Marco Chiappero <marco at absence.it>:
> Arjen de Korte ha scritto:
>> Regarding this, the fan is indeed annoying, but I don't agree with the
>> other arguments you're raising here. MGE officially supports NUT, you
>> don't get that with APC (we're doing our best here though, but we get no
>> support from APC).
> I know and it's one of the reasons that made me choose MGE. Their
> interest to open source, their contribution, their repository (psp for
> amd64 is still missing though) and mirror is great, really, as well as
> NUT :) I'm a little bit sad because I expected the powershare feature,
> which is another aspect that made me prefer the MGE Evolution, to be
> more effective and usefull. I hope in the further development code you
> were talking about to be available pretty soon.
> A digression about the fan: it's really annoying not just because it's
> louder than my 100W computer with 4 fans running (yes, it is), but also
> because there's no need to keep it spinning all the time in a *small*,
> *650* UPS generating just a *few* watts during normal use (measured with
> a watt-meter and both the metal cage and the exhaust air are indeed
> cold). Replacing it with a quieter fan, although fine for the UPS, means
> void warranty. I'd like to have a little more attention on this aspect,
> maybe using a thermoregulated fan, when paying 300 euro.
> But I should address these critics to MGE rather than the NUT mailing
> list, I know. However, beyond this issues, the UPS has proven to be a
> good product, good-looking too :)

you've been heard ;-)
the point you might be missing is that the evolution range is a line
interactive one, but more for small servers.
and these are generally in some server rooms.
for something more SOHO focused (and so less noisy), you should have
opted out for Ellipse MAX (still line interactive, with 2 outlets
groups too)

can I possibly contact you next week, when I'm back to MGE, to get
some more feedback?

> Well, I'm going to read the upssched man pages, I'll write again if I
> have questions about its configuration. Sorry for the digression and
> good development.

now about the Powershare, these are things that I should have done for years...
but since I've taken over the project leadership, there are far too
many things I've not been able to give time to.
now, the situation has evolved since my Eaton'isation. I'll have more
and more time, and possibly somebody to work with me (but the crisis
might void this point in the short run though).

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