[Nut-upsuser] Unitek Alpha 650 ipE

Andrej Podzimek andrej at podzimek.org
Sat Jul 19 00:32:42 UTC 2008

>> 	Asking for UPS status [Q1]...
>> 	get_data_agiler: raw dump: (0 bytes) =>
>> 	get_data_agiler: raw dump: (0 bytes) =>
>> 	Q1 => FAILED [short read]
>> 	Q1 detail: (0 bytes) =>
>> 	5 out of 5 detection attempts failed (minimum failures: 2).
>> 	Megatec protocol UPS not detected.
>> What does that mean? Sounds like a broken UPS... :-(
> Try if adding a different 'subdriver' (see 'man 8 megatec_usb') works.
> This driver also supports one additional subdriver that isn't listed,
> 'agiler-old' (the manpage is outdated in this aspect).
> Best regards, Arjen

Tried agiler-old, which failed the same way as the default subdriver. Output from krauler:

	Checking device (0F03/0001) (001/008)
	- VendorID: 0f03
	- ProductID: 0001
	- Manufacturer: Ver 1.0
	- Product: USB To RS232 Interface (V1.0) BaudRate 2400bps
	- Serial Number: unknown
	- Bus: 001
	Trying to match device
	Device matches
	Starting UPS detection process...
	Asking for UPS status [Q1]...
	set_data_krauler: index [03]
	- Unable to fetch string 3
	set_data_krauler: connection failure
	ser_send_pace: Device detached? (error -27: No error)
	= device has been disconnected, try to reconnect =

Again, there were five attempts to make a connection and all of them failed. Disconnecting and reconnecting the UPS did not help. This is somewhat strange. Are there any more subdrivers to try?

Best regards,


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