[Nut-upsuser] Genericups type 22 with Cyberpower CP485SL/AE485

Chris Gatcombe chris at gatcombe.com
Sat Jul 19 14:08:11 UTC 2008


I'm new to this list and I have a question concerning using the genericups driver 
(type 22) with the Cyberpower 485 in serial mode.

When running the driver in debug mode:

      genericups -a myupsname_genericups22 -DDDDDD

I observe the following statuses as the mains power dies, switching over to battery 
power, and then letting it discharge.

Initially, with mains power on, status = OL.

When mains power goes off, and we run on battery, status = OB.

When battery level drops sufficiently the UPS starts beeping, and status = OB OL.

Shortly before battery dies the UPS beeps more frequently, status = OB OL.

Battery dies, then status = OB, and then changes to OL.

When power is restored, status toggles from OB to OL to OB to OL a few times and 
then stays at OL.

I assume that at the point we get OB OL this is the place we would be shutting down 
the computer?

Why when the battery is discharged do we see the status OL? Is this just a limitation 
of using the genericups driver instead of one that is more appropriate for my UPS?

I did try using the powerpanel driver but that timed out and did not find the UPS.

Genericups type 7 seems to work the same as type 22.

Is the genericups driver one that simply monitors the CTS, DTR etc. signals? If so 
should I care about these signals polarities, or does what I am already seeing 
indicate that everything is working as well as I can expect (that is without having a 
driver exactly for my UPS)?


chris at gatcombe.com

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