[Nut-upsuser] Genericups type 22 with Cyberpower CP485SL/AE485

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Sat Jul 19 19:54:27 UTC 2008

> I'm new to this list and I have a question concerning using the genericups
> driver
> (type 22) with the Cyberpower 485 in serial mode.
> When running the driver in debug mode:
>       genericups -a myupsname_genericups22 -DDDDDD
> I observe the following statuses as the mains power dies, switching over
> to battery
> power, and then letting it discharge.
> Initially, with mains power on, status = OL.
> When mains power goes off, and we run on battery, status = OB.
> When battery level drops sufficiently the UPS starts beeping, and status =
> OB OL.
> Shortly before battery dies the UPS beeps more frequently, status = OB OL.

This is all what we expect.

> Battery dies, then status = OB, and then changes to OL.

Could be the circuit that is controlling looses power. Since this UPS uses
'contact' closure signalling, there always will be a status (even if the
UPS is not actively controlling the modem control lines).

> When power is restored, status toggles from OB to OL to OB to OL a few
> times and
> then stays at OL.

Possibly some kind of internal test, nothing to be worried about.

> I assume that at the point we get OB OL this is the place we would be
> shutting down
> the computer?

See the FAQ.

> Why when the battery is discharged do we see the status OL? Is this just a
> limitation
> of using the genericups driver instead of one that is more appropriate for
> my UPS?

See above. Nothing to be worried about. After the UPS signals OB LB and
the server picks this up, this state will be latched and there is no way

> I did try using the powerpanel driver but that timed out and did not find
> the UPS.

Apparently, your UPS only supports 'contact closure' signalling or the
cable used doesn't have the necessary wires for smart signalling.

> Genericups type 7 seems to work the same as type 22.

If you look in the manual page for the genericups driver, you'll find the
signalling is identical. Adding type 22 was a mistake (since it isn't
different from type 7), but since it has been like that for a couple of
releases, we can't correct this without breaking things.

> Is the genericups driver one that simply monitors the CTS, DTR etc.
> signals? If so
> should I care about these signals polarities, or does what I am already
> seeing
> indicate that everything is working as well as I can expect (that is
> without having a
> driver exactly for my UPS)?

Spot on. Everything is fine and dandy.

Best regards, Arjen
Eindhoven - The Netherlands
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