[Nut-upsuser] Sola 305 with INT-0051 cable

Daniel Burr dburr at fami.com.au
Fri Mar 14 15:03:24 UTC 2008

Hello again,

I have a Sola 305 (aka Powerware 3110) here connected via a serial
INT-0051 cable which I am trying to get working with nut.  The
driver.list file indicates that nut supports the Sola 305 when connected
via the INT-0025C cable using the genericups driver with upstype set to
7 but it does not mention the INT-0051.

I was able to use the "Basic CheckUPS II" utility provided by Best Power
to verify that the UPS is connected to the serial and is communicating
properly (after making a very small modification to the source
(inserting a usleep)).  After verifying that the connection was okay, I
hunted around on the net and found the following document:

http://ftp.nluug.nl/os/Linux/distr/smeserver/contribs/rmitchell/smeserver/howto/powstatd HOWTO for sme server.htm

It indicates that the settings to use when connected via a INT-0025C

init0 dsr init0 rng init0 dtr init1 rts fail cts,0 low dcd,0 kill dtr,1

This seems to agree with the definition of type 7 in genericups.h:

/* Type 7 */
{ "CyberPower",
  "CyberPower Power99", 
  TIOCM_RTS,			/* cable power: RTS		*/
  TIOCM_CTS, TIOCM_CTS,		/* online: CTS on		*/
  TIOCM_CD, 0,			/* low battery: CD off		*/
  TIOCM_DTR			/* shutdown: set DTR		*/

The powstatd document then defines the settings to use when connecting
using a INT-0051 as:

init0 rts init0 rng init0 dsr init1 dtr fail cts,0 low dcd,0 kill rts,1 

My guesstimate is that this would correspond to an entry in the upstab
something like:

{ "Sola",
  "with INT-0051 cable", 
  TIOCM_DTR,			/* cable power: DTR		*/
  TIOCM_CTS, TIOCM_CTS,		/* online: CTS on		*/
  TIOCM_CD, 0,			/* low battery: CD off		*/
  TIOCM_RTS			/* shutdown: set RTS		*/

This matches the definition of type 6 ("Best Patriot (INT51 cable)") and
type 19 ("Fideltronik Ares Series").  I have set upstype to 6 and nut
appears to be happy, although this UPS is attached to a system that I
can't afford to shut down to perform a full test.  The fact that the
Best Patriot configuration is specified as INT51 (as opposed to INT0051)
seems congruent to me.

Is anyone else using a similar configuration?  If this setup is known to
work, would it be possible to add a new entry to drivers.list for Sola
305s connected via INT-0051?

Daniel Burr

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