[Nut-upsuser] Unsupported UPS using megatec_usb

Jamie Thompson lists.nut-upsuser at jamie-thompson.co.uk
Sat May 17 13:26:26 UTC 2008

Arjen de Korte wrote:
> Is this the value reported by the UPS or did you measure it with an
> external measuring instrument? A UPS is not a calibrated measuring
> instrument and the values reported by some models are way off the 'real'
> values. In other words, the accuracy is usually lousy.

I guessed as much, just wanted some confirmation this was common :)

> Also note that some UPS'es will only allow you to shutdown the load when
> running on battery. Try if the 'load.off' command works in the absence of
> mains.

I forgot to mention, I was trying all those with the mains off, though I get exactly the same result with the mains on, aside from the fact I don't 
seem to be able to toggle the beeper on (not that It would be particularly useful, anyway).

- Jamie

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