[Nut-upsuser] Delta UPS boxes

Jerome BENOIT jgmbenoit at mailsnare.net
Wed Sep 3 13:56:11 UTC 2008

Hello List !

Kjell Claesson wrote:
> Den Tuesday 02 September 2008 20.11.28 skrev Jerome BENOIT:
>> Hello !
> Hi Jerome
>> On the manual and the box, I read:
>> Delta GES N-Series 6kva (on line series)
>> On the other hand, upsc gives
>> ups.mfr: BELKIN
> This depends on the driver. If the request for manufacturer
> fails to return anything, it set's it to BELKIN.
>> ups.model: GES602N
> This is OK. 
>> ups.firmware: 5015307704
> Strange firmware number.
> Is the rest of the upsc command OK ?
> Like voltages, runtime, current, status e.t.c..

Here is the full list:

battery.charge: 100
battery.temperature: 000
battery.voltage: 274.0
driver.name: belkin
driver.parameter.pollinterval: 2
driver.parameter.port: /dev/ttyS0
driver.version: 2.2.2
driver.version.internal: 0.21
input.frequency: 60.1
input.transfer.high: 0.0
input.transfer.low: 0.0
input.voltage: 211.0
output.frequency: 60.0
output.voltage: 220.0
ups.firmware: 5015307704
ups.load: 054
ups.mfr: BELKIN
ups.model: GES602N
ups.status: OL
ups.temperature: 000

>>> Also make sure that the shutdown is working.
>> upsdrvctl shutdown
>> shutdowns the UPS box.
> Yep, Sorry but I was referring to when you pull the mains, and
> check if it goes to OB and if it signalling OB LB and start a
> shutdown on your system. We need to know that the ups
> is giving the right status to the driver.

I have observed the 0B status.
Concerning the LB, I have not yet really test it (see below). 

>> Nevertheless, it seems that I can not set the UPS fsd,
>> so the Debian init NUT script does not poweroff the UPS box.
> Hmm, this is the way it should work.
> And this is what happens when you do and FSD.
> If the main's is failing it would go to battery. When the battery goes to
> LB (Low Battery) it start to shutdown the system. Then it power of the ups.
> It set the ups in something called shutdown.return. It power off the ups
> to save the battery, then power it on when the main's return (after 
> delay or charge level) So the computer should be set to 'last state' in
> the bios for 'state after power loss'.

I have not yet made such a test.
I have one new cluster, one old cluster, and a new workstation.
So far, I have played with the upssched features on the new computers.
Now I must play with the old computer: this may take some time.
Once the all computers are ready, I will make such a test.

What I can say right now is that when I do

/sbin/upsmon -c fsd

everything shutdown as expect, except the UPS box.
Right now, my guess is that

/sbin/upsmon -K

does not work as expected.

I have not yet modified the /etc/init.d/nut script provided by the Debian (Lenny) package:
at the very end, I get the message:

"Power down flag is not set (UPS shutdown not needed)"

which is due to a FALSE response (IfThenElseFi) of

/sbin/upsmon -K

To be frank I do not get the message:
I ask to shutdown the UPS box,
so I do not understand why the machinery do not do so.
In short, "I do not care that ``UPS shutdown (is) not needed''" !

In the manual page of upsmon, we read:

       -K     Test for the shutdown flag.  If it exists and contains the magic string from upsmon, then upsmon  will
              exit with EXIT_SUCCESS.  Any other condition will make upsmon exit with EXIT_FAILURE.

What is the expected magic string ? is this string come somehow from the UPS box ? 

Does I miss something here ?

Meanwhile I got a feed from a Delta user:
he suggest to use belkinunv. I let it a try,
but it did not work.

Thanks in advance,
> Don't hesitate to ask any questions on the list, we are here to help you get 
> things going the way you whant.
> We run many different dist's, think Arnaud is best on the Debian side.
> I run Gentoo.
> Regards
> Kjell


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