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Tue Apr 21 15:07:30 UTC 2009

th "WinPower" Java based software that I couldn't get to work=
. (Crashes on start-up, without any explanation.)<br>

<br>I would like to know if any one on this mailing list could help me to f=
igure out what NUT driver I am supposed to use.=C2=A0 I tried megatec, with=
out success. (/lib/nut/megatec -DDDD -a UPS1 returns with &quot;Q1 =3D&gt; =
FAILED [timeout]&quot; 5 times ) A potential gotcha is that I am using a US=
B to serial device to talk to the UPS.=C2=A0 It looks like it has installed=
 correctly (dmesg tells me: &quot;usb 2-1: ch341-uart converter now attache=
d to ttyUSB0&quot;).=C2=A0 The USB-Serial adapter is connected to the seria=
l cable that came with the UPS.<br>

<br>Some pictures of the UPS and parts of its manual can be found <a href=
=3D"" tar=
get=3D"_blank">here</a> (The circuit board is just the switch.=C2=A0 I coul=
dn&#39;t yet get to the serial interface part of the UPS. Will still upload=
 a picture of that when I get to it.)<br>

<br>I am using Gentoo with NUT version 2.2.2<br><br>Any help would be appre=
ciated.<br>Thanks<br></blockquote><div><br>just to complete Daniel&#39;s an=
swer: whenever you see WinPower, try the megatec drivers (serial or USB), o=
r better, the new blazer ones. These are Centralion rebranded units.<br>
<br>please report back the results of your testing. <br></div></div><br cle=
ar=3D"all">cheers,<br>Arnaud<br>-- <br>Linux / Unix Expert R&amp;D - Eaton =
- <a href=3D""></a><b=
Network UPS Tools (NUT) Project Leader - <a href=3D"http://www.networkupsto="></a><br>Debian Developer - <a href=
=3D""></a><br>Free Software Devel=
oper - <a href=3D"">


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