[Nut-upsuser] SmartUPS-600 problem with 940-0024C cable

Christian Ruppert spooky85 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 21:07:23 UTC 2009

On Monday 03 August 2009 19:29:17 Bob Blackwell wrote:
> Information found in the FAQ section leads me to believe the cable
> description being used is incorrect. Try using cable = 940-0095B.
> The FAQ follows;
> Q: I have an APC Smart-UPS connected with a grey APC cable and it won't
>     work.  The Back-UPS type in the genericups driver works but then I
>     don't get to use all the nifty features in there.  Why doesn't the
>     right driver work?
>  A: The problem lies in your choice of cable.  APC's grey cables
>     generally only do "dumb" signalling - very basic yes/no info about
>     the battery and line status.  While that is sufficient to detect a
>     low battery condition while on battery, you miss out on all the
>     goodies that you paid for.
>     Note that the 940-0095B happens to be a grey cable, but it is actually
>     a dual mode cable and can be used in smart mode.  If you have
>     this cable, you need to edit your ups.conf to look like this:
> 	[myups]
> 		driver = apcsmart
> 		port = /dev/whatever
> 		cable = 940-0095B
>     All other grey cables from APC are assumed to be "dumb".
>     If your grey cable isn't the 940-0095B, the solution is to dump that
>     cable and find one that supports APC's "smart" signalling.  Typically
>     these come with the UPS and are black.  If your smart cable has
>     wandered off, one can be built rather easily with some connectors and
>     cable - there's no fancy wiring or resistors.
>     See this URL for a handy diagram:
>     http://random.networkupstools.org/cables/940-0024C.jpg

Ok, now I receive something.

sending 'b' returns 'CF' or 'D0'.
'Y' as expected 'SM'

'm', 'n' nothing
'Y' is '6FI' (sounds valid)
'a' returns 'D1' (not a long string) and 'D2' if 'Y' was send before.

Not sure if that might help, I wonder how many commands are not supported..
I hope there is somebody else with a similar UPS who has some inforamtions for 

Would be cool if My UPS would be supported by Nut so if you need specific 
informations just let Me know.

Christian Ruppert
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