[Nut-upsuser] Serial comm errors with bcmxcp on HP R3000 XR

David S. Madole david at madole.net
Mon Aug 31 14:12:17 UTC 2009

Kjell Claesson wrote:
>> Should I try changing the polling frequency just to see if it helps
> Don't think it would help. If it would be a problem with poll frequency, the
> error should be continuous and constant. The same is if there was any problem 
> with the driver to the specific model of ups you are running.
> The driver polls the same data every time, so the error should happen on every
> poll.
It doesn't happen on every poll, sometimes it goes a half-hour at a time
with no errors.

>>> Can you relate the errors in the log to any activity? Is the time random
>>> or is it spread evenly over time ?
>> I am not getting any other errors or events or significance or that
>> correspond with the UPS errors. The comm errors are not continuous, but
>> there doesn't seem to be a strict pattern. They seem to cluster one
>> every minute or two for between two and ten minutes at a time, with
>> periods of between a half hour to an hour of quiet between the clusters
> This sound like a kind of EMI. Do you have the beer fridge 
> beside the computer :-)
> Check your vicinity for any source of EMI. Fan motors for ventilation, old 
> dimmers, fridges, air-condition.
The equipment is in a cabinet in a data center environment, and is the
only cabinet in the row with any equipment in it. There is no row in
front, and the row behind contains only datacomm equipment -- routers
and switches.

I tried replacing the cable and re-routing as far away as possible from
any power cables, and also connected it to a different server, and still
get the same result. One thing I noted though, is that the serial card
in the UPS is beige (Compaq) in color, while the rest of the UPS is gray
(HP) in color, so I am guessing it was swapped at some point. I wonder
if that card is the problem. I have another, so I will try swapping it
out and see if that helps.


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