[Nut-upsuser] My previous post (lengthy, lots of tarace output)

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 19:25:57 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 30 December 2009, Gene Heskett wrote:
>On Wednesday 30 December 2009, Arjen de Korte wrote:
>Thanks Arjen.  Back after I do that, promise.

Ok, back.  I have it running, sort of.  But it keep losing comm with the ups.

I started it with the usbhid-ups _d _d _d -a myups, and htop shows its 
running as the user 'ups', so that's one small victory.

Now, I have done a single 'service ups start' which reports success for the 
monitor I believe.

But, I have moved the cgi-bin/ups tree to nearly every directory on my drive, 
but when I open the 'index.html' file in firefox, the lower two buttons 
always report:
Firefox can't find the file at /cgi-bin/nut/upsstats.cgi.
This install was built with --prefix=/usr.  Surely it doesn't want /cgi-bin 
off the root of the drive?  But if I make a /cgi-bin, and move /var/www/cgi-
bin/nut to /cgi-bin/nut, now its asking me what to do with an amiga 
compressed archive named upsstats.cgi when I click on stats, ditto for the 
config when I click on it.

Something is confused here, and I don't think its all me.  Where do I put 
those miss-placed files so it stands a snowballs chance in that famous place 
of working?

Better yet, edit this ./configure line so that it Just Works(TM), with the 
cgi-bin stuff actually installed in /var/www/cgi-bin like it should be.

[root at coyote nut-2.4.1]# ./configure --with-user=ups --with-group=nut --with-
usb  --with-cgi --with-hal --with-lib --prefix=/usr

And restarting it with the /etc/init.d/ups script fails yet.

Cheers, Gene
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