[Nut-upsuser] XPCC XVRT-1000 driver

Jeffrey B. Green jeff at kikisoso.org
Thu Dec 31 14:10:57 UTC 2009

Kjell Claesson wrote:
>> Jeffrey B. Green wrote:
>>>  I'll go
>>> ahead and build a version of 2.4.1 for lenny (backports doesn't seem to
>>> have nut in it) to see what happens...
>> Okay. Built it (nut 2.4.1) and put it on the server. The only type that
>> works for that ups is BNT-other. When nut starts up it sees the ups on
>> battery, but fairly quickly changes that to online. For example, initially:
> That was fast :-)

And at that, on a 233MHz (test) machine. Usually if I don't do it fairly
quickly, then there is a good chance it'll be put off for some time.

> Now see what it gives.

Forgot to mention it again. The numbers were generated under the
server+switch load.

> The same here.
> But the signaling seems OK, so it is usable for protection. But not for
> reading any values from.


I don't have any electrical measurement equipment here to do tests in
order to determine correct coefficients, so that task may have to wait
for now. I'll forward Arjen's response to the XPCC support person that I
was communicating with.


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