[Nut-upsuser] Smart-UPS RT 3000 Baud Rate

Richard Scobie richard at sauce.co.nz
Tue Jul 7 22:49:11 UTC 2009

Arnaud Quette wrote:

> both with and without your change applied.
> Arnaud

Hi Arnaud,

Unfortunately I get the same result with and without the change.

[root at smoke nut-2.4.1]# /usr/bin/apcsmart -DDD -a wnAPC3
Network UPS Tools - APC Smart protocol driver 2.00 (2.4.1)
APC command table version 2.0
debug level is '3'
Unable to detect an APC Smart protocol UPS on port /dev/ttyS0
Check the cabling, port name or model name and try again

Perhaps there is an issue with the serial port, although it appears to 
be OK - I'll look further.

I have tested the UPS using Hyperterminal on a Windows laptop and it 
definitely only communicated at 9600 (as mentioned in the UPS docs).



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