[Nut-upsuser] Any word on when the ietf mib will be fixed for liebert?

Maurice Volaski mvolaski at aecom.yu.edu
Tue Jul 28 21:12:50 UTC 2009

>Please don't mistake warning messages with (fatal) errors. Starting 
>with nut-2.4.0, these messages should only be displayed in debug mode,
>so I'm surprised you're seeing them in nut-2.4.1.

It doesn't seem this way from my reading of the source code:

upslogx(LOG_ERR, "[%s] %s: Error in packet: %s",

 From what I can tell, that's a regular log message of an error, not a 
debug mode message, which would use either "upsdebugx" or "debug", or 
a warning, which would use upslogx with "LOG_WARNING".

>Upon startup, the snmp-ups driver will query the UPS for all the OID's 
>the driver supports. The ones which are not supported by the UPS, will

In addition, the errors are continually output to syslog; they don't 
just appear once and stop.

>generally result in an error message from the NetSNMP library that is
>used. There is nothing we can do about that and it is *not* an error.

Perhaps you could change LOG_ERR to  LOG_WARNING and perhaps you can 
ignore it after the first time it appears.

>  > Anyway, now that the script is starting, I'm seeing "failed - got
>  > [ERR ACCESS-DENIED]" errors  from upsmon, and I don't know why.
>See 'man 8 upsd', 'man 5 upsd.conf' and 'man 5 upsd.users'. This is a
>configuration error.

My nut configuration is fine. To troubleshoot this, I had to label 
each one of ACCESS-DENIED errors in the code, and with that, I 
determined that the one involving tcp-wrappers was complaining. It 
appears that local network communication is hard coded with In my /etc/hosts.allow, I just have "ALL:localhost", with 
no TCP wrappers doesn't know or check that they're the 
same, so I once I added it, it started working. :-) Presumably, 
previous versions used localhost.

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