[Nut-upsuser] pebcak or something else?

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Thu Jul 30 14:05:03 UTC 2009

Citeren "Svein Skogen (listmail account)" <svein-listmail op stillbilde.net>:

> I've set up my ups solution with a dedicated box (laptop with its own
> powersupply) connected to the ups, and have set up upsmon.conf to use a
> customized script (SHUTDOWNCMD
> "/usr/local/upsmonitor-files/shutdown.sh") that shuts down my ESXi boxes
> properly.
> However when ups power reaches the shutdown point, it seems that NUT
> promptly ignores the shutdown script and goes on to shut down the
> monitoring box instead. The laptop is running FreeBSD 7 stable
> (RELENG_7) with nut version 2.4.1
> What have I done wrong? (in all respects except this, the NUT setup works)

Read the section on POWER VALUES in 'man 8 upsmon'. You probably  
should assign the UPS a 'power value' of 0 (zero) on the laptop that  
is monitoring it (but isn't powered by it).

Best regards, Arjen
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