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Arjen de Korte wrote:
> Citeren "Svein Skogen (listmail account)" <svein-listmail at stillbilde.net>:
>>> Read the section on POWER VALUES in 'man 8 upsmon'. You probably should
>>> assign the UPS a 'power value' of 0 (zero) on the laptop that is
>>> monitoring it (but isn't powered by it).
>> if it's a value of 0, will it still invoke the SHUTDOWNCMD?
> No and that's not what you want anyway if the box isn't powered by the
> UPS. Is there any particular reason why you can't run a upsmon client on
> the ESXi host OS? Usually this scales a lot better on multiple systems.
> Have a look at the NOTIFYCMD if you really want upsmon to run a script
> when a certain event triggers.

I want the external box to shut down the ESXi (which is powered by the
ups), because there really isn't a way to do this from inside the ESXi
host. The custom shutdown script on the external box does this for me
(the laptop that is actually connected to the ups can survive without
power for some four hours. The ESXi server has 15 or so minutes).

Getting a clean shutdown in case of powerfailure is my primary reason
for wanting an ups in the first place.


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