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Bob Blackwell rc.blackwell at yahoo.ca
Sun Mar 15 16:33:04 UTC 2009

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> Citeren Bob Blackwell <rc.blackwell at yahoo.ca>:
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>> The systems message.log contains several lines with;
>> Mar 13 19:16:20 DNS323_NAS user.warn kernel: usb 1-1.2: usbfs: process
>> 26398 (usbhid-ups) did not claim interface 0 before use
> This usually means that more than one driver is active for the same  
> USB device and/or hotplug/udev isn?t setup properly. It could  
> occasionally happen if the connection is lost as well.
 From what I can tell three's only one active driver. PS shows;

 2045 root     /ffp/bin/usbhid-ups -a APC_UPS
 2047 root     /ffp/sbin/upsd
 2049 root     /ffp/sbin/upsmon -u monuser
 2050 nutmon   /ffp/sbin/upsmon -u monuser

 Running  usbhid-ups -u root -DDDDD -a APC_UPS>debug.log 2>&1 never 
stops without a ^C. The log shows many disconnect and re-connect 
attempts. I'm rather green at Linux thus it'll likely take me a couple 
of days to determine if there's a hotplug/udev issue. Until then I'll 
refrain from posting debug's output.

With appreciation

Bob Blackwell

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