[Nut-upsuser] Selftest intervall, APC Smart-UPS 750 RM

Markus Wildi wildi.markus at bluewin.ch
Fri Sep 4 16:02:43 UTC 2009


I'm now at r1957 and I find no input.transfer.reason
in the output of upsc.

usbhid-ups -DDDDD -a apcsmart shows no



Hope that helps, bye wildi

On Friday 04 September 2009 10:28:48 you wrote:
> 2009/9/3 Arjen de Korte
> > Citeren Arnaud Quette
> >
> >  strange indeed. the data is there, and now know.
> >
> >> I've made a minor fix (r1955).
> >> please test it and tell me back if input.transfer.reason appears now.
> >
> > No, it won't. The 'input.transfer.reason' value is set through the VRANGE
> > and FRANGE status bits. In the absence of either, it will be cleared.
> > Therefor, you can't treat this as an ordinary variable. There are HID PDC
> > fields that use these, so we'll have to be careful to change this in
> > order not to break other subdrivers in the process.
> ooch, right! I completely missed that. thanks for pointing it Arjen ;-)
> I just commited a fix (r1956): it only reports voltage or frequency out of
> range, and not over/under voltage / ripple / force / selftest as it was in
> the previous version.
> Is it fine like that Markus?
> cheers,
> Arnaud

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