[Nut-upsuser] One little thing not quite correct in my configuration

James Moody moody at pfcusa.org
Wed Sep 9 12:36:08 UTC 2009

All of this work is being done on the system that has the UPS - I'm not 
trying to do any network monitoring yet. The symptom is that when I try 
to use 'upsc' I get the failure message "Error: server disconnected" on 
the console, and this line in /var/log/daemon.log:
 <date/name> upsd[4899]: Rejecting TCP connection from

My current suspicion is I don't have the upsd.users file set up quite 
correctly. Questions:
(1) are the users listed in upsd.conf real system users (ie, as listed 
in /etc/passwd file), or are they just defined within nut.
(2) what is this 'upsc.conf' file mentioned in the man page for upsc?  
The man page systems knows nothing about it, and I can't find a 
description through web browsing. Or is this an obsolete file?


For anyone interested, here are the details on my configuration:

I'm running an Ubuntu 8.10 server, and the latest release of nut 
available through the package manager.
My UPS is a Cyberpower 1500AVR, connected via USB.  I'm working on the 
server with the UPS, I'm not doing any remote monitoring at this point.  

All of the files in /etc/nut have owner:group as "root:nut", and 
permissions set to 0640

upsdrvctl and upsd seem to be properly configure to a point: after I 
rebooted my server this appeared in the /var/log/daemon.log:

<date/name> usbhid-ups[4879]:: Startup successful
<date/name> upsd[4898]: Connected to UPS [cyber]: usbhid-ups-cyber

When I try something like this from the console:
 %  upsc cyber
I get this response:
Error: server disconnected
And this appears in /var/log/daemon.log:
<date/name> upsd[4899]: Rejecting TCP connection from

My upsd.conf consist of:
I don't think the port is necessary since I'm using the default, but 
I'll leave it for now.

The file '/etc/default/upsd' contained this line:
What is the purpose of this for a system tied to the USB port? It is 
referenced in the /etc/init.d/bin script.

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