[Nut-upsuser] Eaton NV 1000H in nut's hardware compatibility list

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Wed Sep 16 13:39:15 UTC 2009

Citeren Arnaud Quette <ArnaudQuette op Eaton.com>:

> please, keep the list cc'ed since other might interested in (either the
> solution, or their 2 cents to the discussion). Moreover, knowing that
> I'm not an author of the megatec / blazer drivers, things might be
> obvious to these guys and not to me...

Yup. I've been lurking around for a while, but I'm stepping in too now... :-)

>> This is hard to tell. I've been using this UPS for less than a week an
>> I constantly see its status on OL BOOST (i don't know if it uses
>> battery power to boost the voltage or just sucks in more current from
>> the wall).

This is hardly surprising. Your UPS seems was designed for 230V  
nominal mains voltage

     output.voltage.nominal: 230.0

but you seem to be running it on 220V

     input.voltage: 216.6
     input.voltage.fault: 216.6
     input.voltage.maximum: 222.7
     input.voltage.minimum: 206.0
     output.voltage: 216.6

Looking at the whois records for 'vchoi.org' you appear to be living  
in Brazil, where the line voltage standard is 220V/60Hz (and in some  
locations 110-127V), which is consistent with this observation.

Usually, most 230V equipment will run on 220V just fine, but when  
there is brownout (in the above you can see that there it went down to  
206V), chances are that the boost function of your UPS will kick in  
(in an attempt to keep the output close to 230V). Usually this means  
that it will choose a different tap on the input transformer and the  
battery will not be used.

Note that the design frequency of the UPS is probably 50Hz (I don't  
know of any countries that have 230V/60Hz) and that when it is  
providing power from the battery, the output frequency will be lower  
than nominal in Brazil. Whether or not this is a problem depends on  
the equipment attached. Switched mode power supplies (like found in  
most computers) will usually run fine, but small wall adapters  
(without switched mode power supplies) can overheat when you run them  
at a mains frequency that is lower than what they are designed for.

>> Besides that I've never seen it going beyond 90% of battery
>> charge but I believe it's by design because tha manual states that it
>> takes around 8 hours to charge from full discharge to 90% (maybe for
>> safety reasons?).

See 'man 8 megatec'. You probably need to set a couple of parameters  
to correct this. Note that the blazer driver also supports a different  
method of battery charge and runtime calculation that doesn't rely on  
the battery voltage. This may result in more accurate readings. Make  
sure you thoroughly read 'man 8 blazer' before using this.

>> Anyway, I'll set up a script to collect data on the ups and in a few
>> days we should have an answer.

We provide a tool for that already. Checkout 'man 8 upslog', which can  
help you log data for your UPS.

Best regards, Arjen
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