[Nut-upsuser] Data stale & Got disconnected by another driver: Device or resource busy

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Mon Sep 28 07:24:04 UTC 2009

Citeren Алексей <lesovsky_av op uzps.mh.ru>:

> I have some problem when updating NUT. I have server with 4 UPS connected.
> When I starting upsdrv and upsd and after sometime (1-2 minutes) I can't get
> data from ups's
> # upsc apc op localhost battery.type
> Error: Data stale
> and errors in /var/log/{syslog,debug,daemon.log}
> usbhid-ups[2385]: Got disconnected by another driver: Device or resource busy

If you want to monitor multiple UPSes through usbhid-ups, you *must*  
make sure that each one can be uniquely identified through the  
"vendor", "product", "serial", "vendorid", "productid" and "bus"  
regular expressions (see 'man 8 usbhid-ups' for an explanation how to  
use these).

If you don't do this, the drivers will connect to the first device  
that matches, which may mean that all four instances may attempt to  
connect to the same UPS. Your setup may have seemed to be working  
before, since previously we didn't check for this condition. Now the  
drivers will bomb out when another driver attaches to the UPS they are  

Best regards, Arjen

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