[Nut-upsuser] nut 2.4 et MGE CometEXtrem 6

sabine GOUDARD sabine.goudard at st-etienne.archi.fr
Tue Dec 7 14:32:09 UTC 2010




My server with another UPS (MGE Pulsar Evolution2200 USB) is OK.

All scripts work

Is it possible to work with a UPS MGE CometExtrem 6 on serial port


Which driver can I use ?

I tried with mge-shut ou mge-utalk without any success

when I start driver with upsdrvctl with mge-utalk

I have (after a long time)

Can't connect to UPS [MGE_cometEX] (mge-utalk-MGE_cometEX): No such file or



Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller 2.4.3
Network UPS Tools - MGE UPS SYSTEMS/U-Talk driver 0.89 (2.4.3)
/dev/ttyS0 is locked by another process
Driver failed to start (exit status=1)

Thanks for your help




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