[Nut-upsuser] Network UPS Tools 2.4.3 - compile on RHEL5

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Sat Feb 27 21:20:43 UTC 2010

Citeren "Yury V. Zaytsev" <yury op shurup.com>:

> configure:7803: checking for libhal Callouts path
> configure:7814: result: /usr/lib64/hal
> Shockingly, line 7814 is
> <------><------><------><------># For Debian
> <------><------><------><------>HAL_CALLOUTS_PATH="${libdir}/hal"
> <------><------><------><------>{ $as_echo  
> "$as_me:${as_lineno-$LINENO}: result: ${HAL_CALLOUTS_PATH}" >&5
> $as_echo "${HAL_CALLOUTS_PATH}" >&6; }
> Nonsense?

No, it is unexpected. Apparently the version of autoconf you're using  
is behaving differently from what we expected.

Probably the only sensible thing to do here, is to allow ./configure  
overrides for everything that is automatically detected. If it fails  
somehow and the defaults fail to provide a working installation, it  
will be possible to provide them on the command line.

Apologies for my harsh tone of voice in earlier messages, but I'm  
pretty frustrated about the total lack of feedback from Redhat in this  
aspect. Would someone have taken the time to file a bug report for  
this in the NUT bug tracker [1], instead of silently 'fixing' it, it  
could have been solved long before we broke things by requiring a  
newer version of autoconf.

Having said that, I have changed the m4/nut_check_libhal.m4 macro in  
the trunk to allow overriding all values that are auto-detected. This  
would at least allow building NUT without having to install more  
recent versions of autoconf and to override defaults. We have  
snapshots of the latest version in the SVN trunk available for testing  


I would appreciate if you could try this out and post your feedback.

Best regards, Arjen

[1] https://alioth.debian.org/projects/nut/
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