[Nut-upsuser] Eaton / MGE Ellipse MAX 600 USBS and nut

Michel Bouissou michel-nut at bouissou.net
Fri Jan 22 13:21:41 UTC 2010

Hi Arjen, thanks very much for your comprehensive and helpful answers.

Le vendredi 22 janvier 2010, Arjen de Korte a écrit :
> Unless you're running the SVN trunk (= development) version, it's
> preferred to use the serial connection.

Good knowing.

> Mostly true. If you have a serial port (natively, not via a USB to
> serial converter) is probably the most robust way to connect to any UPS.

That's the case. Even though many recent computers don't have a rear panel 
RS232 DB-9 socket, most motherboards, event recent, still do have at least 1 
true RS232 pin-connector on the motherboard, so all that one needs is to add 
the DB-9 rear connector plate, which is always much better than any "USB-
serial" adapter one may find, which will never be "true" RS-232.

Even though my system's MB changes from time to time, I always preciously keep 
my RS232 DB-9 connector and ribbon cable ;-)

> Sadly true. I have an Ellipse ASR 600 which also doesn't show a
> measured value (but rather a static one). Which surprised me too.

So that's a generic Eaton/MGE Ellipse series shortcoming :-/

Incredible to think about an UPS with communication capabilities that wouldn't 
be able to report a measured voltage :-/

> I assume you're using the 'mge-shut' driver, right? In this driver,
> the parameters are actually timer (not delay) values which will start
> running immediately after writing them. This is confusing at best. If
> you only want to change the delay values, you must use the 'ondelay'
> and 'offdelay' parameters in 'ups.conf'.

Good knowing. Yes, that's "confusing at best" ;-)
> You should always do your setup (and testing) with a non-critical load
> connected. Testing with a live server is definitely not recommended,
> unless you've prepared your server to lose power unexpectedly.

Er... The idea was that I replaced an UPS with another on a production 
system... So it has to work on this system, and I am not rich enough (as a 
private individual) to purchase a test computer just for testing nut with the 
UPS I plan to connect to my existing server :-}

Thanks again for all the helpful information.

Michel Bouissou <michel at bouissou.net> OpenPGP ID 0xEB04D09C

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