[Nut-upsuser] Energy efficient UPS - anybody?

devzero at web.de devzero at web.de
Sun Jan 24 12:51:01 UTC 2010


i`m looking for a nut-compatible low-power UPS (need to hook a home-server+dsl equipment with a load of ~50W to that) which should be as energy efficient as possible and be also affordable.

i currently have an older powerwalker which constantly burns ~15W for nothing. The transformer inside getting that hot that you don`t like to touch it and i think 15W out of 50 is a little bit high and that inside a plastic case looks a little bit dangerous to me, too.  since this ups is old anyway, i`d like to replace it with a better one.

i have contacted several vendors and they could either not give accurate information or they gave information like "our UPS is 100% efficient in AC-AC mode" (Digitus DN-170020), which i cannot believe to be true, as an UPS is a electrical device which always consumes power for itself.

so, this is not a very nut specific question, but i have no idea where this question is better placed, as i think HERE are the real UPS experts :)


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