[Nut-upsuser] Energy efficient UPS - anybody?

Michel Bouissou michel-nut at bouissou.net
Sun Jan 24 13:41:12 UTC 2010

Le dimanche 24 janvier 2010, devzero at web.de a écrit :
> so, this is not a very nut specific question, but i have no idea where this
>  question is better placed, as i think HERE are the real UPS experts :)

Cannot tell for all UPSes and I'm no expert, but an online (double-conversion) 
UPS should eat quite a lot power for itself, where an offline or line-
interactive UPS should only eat, when AC is present, what's necessary for the 
battery charger part to charge the battery and maintain it charged 
periodically - plus what the UPS uses for its own driving logic.

I've bought past week an EATON Ellipse Max 600 which is line-interactive, and 
I just purchased yesterday a plug with an LCD display that displays instant 
and cumulated power drawn from the plug.

I've connected my Ellipse Max 600 UPS thru it so the plug displays on its LCD 
the overall power drawn by the UPS and everything connected to it. According 
to the plug's manual, it's supposedly accurate enough to display every eaten 

To answer your question I just turned off every equipment connected to the UPS, 
only letting the UPS itself powered and powering its outlets. The counter LCD 
plug then displays "Zero Watt" drawn.

But the UPS battery is currently 100% charged. It surely uses some power to 
maintain it charged from time to time...

Also the UPS case doesn't emit any noticeable heat or doesn't get even warm 
when running on AC power, so at least I can say there's surely not much power 
being lost into heat...

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