[Nut-upsuser] Feature Request: APCUPSD Support

Arjen de Korte nut+users at de-korte.org
Wed Jan 27 16:53:31 UTC 2010

Citeren Thomas Vachon <vachon op gamelogic.com>:

> We use Nexenta which has recently implemented a UPS plugin using NUT
> code.  The one problem is that it can't look at APCUPSD servers for APC
> information.  We have a UPS per a rack and a APCUPSD server per a UPS.
> Without this functionality, we would have to be directly connected to
> the UPS's for our SAN and we can't do that.  Do you have a workaround or
> something we can do instead without replacing what we already have?

Please explain why you need to run apcupsd instead of a NUT driver  
that supports your type of UPS. I'm afraid we have no idea what you're  
trying to do.

Best regards, Arjen
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