[Nut-upsuser] Using snmp for APC smarts

Henk van Lingen henk at vanlingen.net
Fri Jun 25 12:56:28 UTC 2010


I'm new to nut. I have some 100 APC Smart-UPS 2200 & 3000's and
I'm trying to do some calibration test on them. I've installed nut,

driver = snmp-ups
mibs = apcc

in ups.conf. I can read the variables using upsc. However it seems,
I can't actually execute  commands on the UPSses this way.
( upscmd  some-ups calibrate.start )

Do I miss something, or are those commands only available using a
serial connection driver?
I use nut 2.2, but don't see anything relevant in later release notes.

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